About the artist

Wesley Altena is an artist from the Netherlands located in Veldhoven who is known for adding absurd humor to forgotten, unwanted paintings he finds in thrift shops in the neighborhood.

Old paintings, what am I going to add to them to have something unique and modern? Well, that’s different every time.

When I come across an old painting in a thrift store or market, my brain immediately starts spinning and I can already see the end result on the canvas. So, I always go out hunting for old paintings without a plan. Each painting tells a story, for example a man fishing on a lake in a boat… What if this man is fishing for giant sharks, or is attacked by aliens? Then the painting tells a new story! For example, by adding recognizable elements and characters from movies, music, and games, I not only show my passion for making art, but also everything else I like, and to watch. And I’m happy to share that with my fellow fans!

“I love 80s and 90s pop culture/nostalgia, and you often see that reflected in my paintings”


Each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.